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About Schoolive

After studying several schools in Nigeria and Diaspora, we observed the laborious paperwork involved in school management and information exchange system among the various departments in schools, administrative bottlenecks, communication gap between the parents and school, inability of the parents to monitor their wards and performances real time etc.
Moreover some schools are running with solutions that do not meet up with the ever growing demands of the schools as they could be expensive and difficult to manage. Hence, we embarked on the development of ‘Schoolive’ Management System.

synthroid without prescription usa Do you want a system that works exactly the way your school works? Do you want a system that will automate and simplify the complexities faced in the daily operations of your school giving you time saving features that help to get jobs done accurately and quickly?

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Do you want to generate professional reports on records of students and staff anytime and communicate real time with parents and staff from anywhere in the world?

Then, ‘Schoolive’ is the answer

‘Schoolive’ Order is a user friendly, rich, robust and highly scalable solution that manages schoola��s day to day business. It provides an environment for you to manage effectively activities and information pertaining to your administration, students, staff and parents electronically. It is also a multi-user system that accommodates millions of users at the same time. Below are the benefits that are being derived by schools running on online Purchase Schoolive.

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We areA�Awesome & CoolA�plus Our Services Rock

Automate everything, Generate insightful reports, Make better & faster decisions!

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